"Fascinating forensics!"
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"This series ... just keeps getting better."
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"More flair and literary sensibility than anything by John Grisham."
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Travel back in time with two new prequels!

Turn back the clock and see Dr. Bill Brockton at the beginning of his forensic career - his arrival at the University of Tennessee and his creation of the Body Farm - in two exciting prequels: the e-novella Jordan's Stormy Banks (just 99¢ to download to Kindles, Nooks, iPads, smartphones, and tablets) ... and the gripping, full-length novel Cut to the Bone!

Jordan's Stormy Banks

Jordan's Stormy Banks

The beginning — and nearly the end — of Dr. Bill Brockton's career...

In the summer of 1990, Dr. Bill Brockton—a bright, ambitious young forensic scientist—is hired by the University of Tennessee to head, and to raise the profile of, the school's small Anthropology Department. Six months later, the ink on his contract barely dry, Brockton is called to a gruesome crime scene in a rural area to identify a corpse and determine how the woman died. But the case—one of Brockton's first murder investigations in Tennessee—could also prove to be his last when he runs afoul of both the county sheriff and an angry mob intent on administering their own swift, rough brand of "justice." With his back to the wall, Brockton is forced to think fast, talk faster, and hope for a miracle.

Release Date: September 3, 2013
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Cut to the Bone

Cut to the Bone

The 8th installment in the Body Farm series!

In the summer of 1992, Arkansas governor Bill Clinton and Tennessee senator Al Gore begin their long-shot campaign to win the White House. On a sweltering hillside in Knoxville, Dr. Bill Brockton, the bright, ambitious young head of the University of Tennessee's Anthropology Department, launches an unusual—some would call it macabre—research facility, unlike any other in existence: the Body Farm, a place where nature is allowed to have its way with flesh and bone, under the watchful eye of scientists.

Brockton is determined to revolutionize the study of forensics to help law enforcement solve homicides. But the scientist's plans are derailed by a chilling murder that leaves him reeling from a sense of déjà vu. Followed by another. And then another: bodies that bear an eerie resemblance to cases from Brockton's past.

The police chalk up the first corpse to coincidence. But as the body count rises, the victims' fatal injuries grow more and more distinctive—a spiral of death that holds dark implications for Brockton himself. If the killer isn't found quickly, the death toll could be staggering. And the list of victims could include Brockton... and everyone he holds dear.

Release Date: September 24, 2013
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The Body Farm

On the campus of the University of Tennessee lies a patch of ground unlike any in the world. The "Body Farm" is a place where human corpses are left to the elements, and every manner of decay is fully explored—for the sake of science and the cause of justice.

And now, a fascinating new fiction series based on reality...

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